Central and South America

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Adventure, culture, and nature. Enjoy everything from your favorite water sport, to a day horseback riding, hiking, and soaking in one-of-a-kind views.


Due to its location on the equator, the tropical weather is on display all year round, while the mountainous areas host some cooler weather for you to enjoy.

Costa Rica

From camping, hiking, and mountain biking around volcanoes, to relaxing on the beach of one of two oceans, the adventure and beauty is limitless.


Often considered to be the best destination for budget travelers, while having some of the most picturesque landscapes, and history to explore.


A tropical paradise complete with scuba and diving sites, rainforests, white-sand beaches, and accomidations varying from jungle lodges to luxury resorts.


Home to over 500 islands and more than 1500 beaches, you’ll be awestruck at the beauty on display around the country. And Carnival? An absolute must-experience!


A country rich in culture, natural landscapes, and unique dishes. From deserts to ice fields… Forests, to beaches… There is so much to experience.


Hike in the mountains, or soak up the sun on the coastline. Cliff jumping, horse-riding, and whale-watching are among the top activities for the adventurist in you.

El Salvador

One of the most charming sites in all of Central America, even while being the smallest. Enjoy a rich history, Mayan ruins, beaches, and more.


The lush rainforests full of life… The charming colonial towns… Ancient ruins, gorgeous lakes, and scenic volcanoes all add to the allure of this destination.


Hike the Inca Trail and view the most breathtaking sites in the world. Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu are just two stops, on this trip of a lifetime.


A true adventure paradise: 2000+ miles of coastline, and over 2000 islands for you to enjoy your favorite water sport, or sit back and soak in the gorgeous weather.


South America’s only English-speaking country is home to luscious rainforests, rice fields, gold reserves, sugarcane plantations, and more. 


Home to spectacular national parks, traditional markets, ancient cave paintings, memorable festivals, and dishes you will remember for years to come.


The Bay Island reefs are part of the most bio-diverse system in the world, and are some of the healthiest in the Caribbean! Just one more reason to visit this country.


Home to some of the most ancient, and remote wilderness on the planet, a full third of this country is classified as nature reserves. A nature-lovers paradise.


The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes… And we would add, the land of fantastic food, surf, and adventure. The beauty is undeniable, and the adventure is unending here.


Locals that are some of the friendliest, most helpful, and engaging only add to the memories you’ll make here. A slow pace, laid back trip that’ll refresh and relax you.

US State Department Travel Advisory In Effect for Venezuela

Please note that as of December 2, 2019 the United States State Department has issued a DO NOT TRAVEL warning for the country of Venezuela. Therefore, we are no longer booking travel to Venezuela. If you are considering traveling to the area, please educate yourself on the danger by reading the full state department warning below.

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