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The Great Salt Lake – A Dying Place

salt city Salt Lake City, Utah June 28, 2018

We drove fast through 70 miles of unrelenting flat lands, the mountains ringing far in the distance. Giant billboards edged the highway reminding us that drowsy drivers cause crashes. The land along the road is white and dusty looking, with tire tracks streaking the ground, tracing donuts in the vast salt plains.

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Memorial for Soldiers of All Wars

war statue Oregon, June 20, 2018

Nestled in the mountains just beyond the southern border of Oregon is a sculpture garden dedicated to honoring soldiers of all wars. It is a place for reflection, remembrance, and healing, according to the website My traveling partner was hard at work, so I wandered the garden with only my thoughts and the constant hum of insects as company.

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Mt. Shasta and a Dip off the Beaten Path

 mount shasta Mt. Shasta, Oregon, June 19, 2018

See that majestic, snow covered peak in the distance? That’s Mt. Shasta. It’s known for having a lot of UFO activity and strange sightings. While I didn’t get to experience any of that, I did take advantage of the opportunity to jump into the lake. Here, let me show you.

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Oregon Beverages, Brews, and the New Sustainable Crop

blog drik oregon  Portland, Oregon, June 18, 2018

If there’s one thing Oregon is known for, it’s their coffee. Little coffee stands dot every street, tucked into whatever spaces they can find in a little used parking lot, or snuggled up next to some other business. This morning I stopped at Dutch Bros. for the obligatory mocha.

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First Impressions 

portlandPortland, Oregon, June 17, 2018

Arriving in Portland I’m stuck by how green everything is. The walls that line the highway are dripping in greenery, like decorations for the Summer season about to begin. This trip, however, is not about Portland. This trip is about points south and traveling to the out of the way places.

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